Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

Yep! I/we turned 35 today.  I was born at 3:28 am and my sister was born at 3:33 am (a wish).  Although I'm unable to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister; the celebration must go on.  I shall celebrate for the both of us.   We plan to celebrate our birthday while in Europe and that is exciting enough.  But we plan to recreate an episode of a show that we love to watch together called "Absolutely Fabulous".  Any of you heard of this?  It is a British comedy show that airs on BBC.  Ab Fab started back in 1992 and one of our favorite episode is when Eddy and Pasty go to France on a wine tasting debauchery.  Check it out.  I will be playing Pasty and Cyndi will be playing Eddy.  Watch the entire clip.. It is hilarious.  (some one has taken the steering wheel!)  We hope you find this as funny as we do. 

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