Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facing Your Fears


Ever faced fear dead on?  12.2 WOD (Snatch) was that for me.  Throwing heavy weight over my head is extremely scary for me.  The Snatch is an Olympic power lift.  It is lifting weight from the ground to a quick movement overhead.   Check out the video above as an example of the Snatch. This is scary for many people; not just me.   But I knew I had to face this fear of mine sooner than later.  Low and behold it would be the 12.2 WOD.  I remember my reaction when CrossFit website released the second WOD to perform.  My heart started to pound harder and faster; and I thought "This is it V; you got to do this.  You have to face this fear of yours and overcome this obstacle."  For two days and three nights I literally dreamt about the movement and I even had night sweats the night before the day of the challenge.  I woke the morning of the challenge trying to eat something and prayingthat I do well.  I survived it!  It may not have been pretty; nor would I perform a perfect form during the challenge, but I did it!  I made myself perform and try my best to do it.  It may still be scary to do the snatch, but not as scary as it was before the challenge.

I look back at facing one of my fears and I can say I'm impressed with myself that I did it.  I would have kept wondering if I would have done a good job if I didn't face my fears.  My fear was trying to hold me back from improving my performance and my goals.  My fear is my mind creating the thought and emotion of failure and if I can turn my thoughts and emotions into something positive; such as completing a snatch in perfect form and feeling that emotion of accomplishment; then I would no longer have that fear.  Fear is truly the mind thinking only of failure.  Retrain the mind to think of success and anything is possible.

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