Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who is your Hero?

     I had my blog all planned out.  I thought hell yeah; I'm going to write about my experience in the 12.1 WOD I did on Saturday.  I was ready to edit and hit submit this morning.  Scratch that, I got an instant message from my twin sister today.  The conversation started off with "Hey sis I love you so much and miss you very much.  How are you?" My response: " I love you too sis and miss you very much. I'm good.. I didn't sleep well last night again! ugh!  How are you? Are you in a safe place?"  Her response: "It's crappy here.  No showers, No laundry, No privacy, it stinks here, and there is mud every where.  I only have 2 minutes to talk to you because the Internet here really sucks." 

   I felt terrible for her.  Here I am bitching about how I didn't sleep well in my comfy bed.  Shame on me!  Just three days ago when we had a video chat and she wanted to see her dogs.  I walked around the apartment with my laptop showing my sister the apartment, her dogs, and showing her myself.  I see her all bundled up with a beanie on her head, long sleeve shirt on and blankets piled on top of her because she is freezing cold in a 7 person tent.  I asked her "What time is it there?"  She replied "11 PM and I can't sleep because others are watching a movie.  I have no privacy and it is really cold."  She was in a 7 person tent; wanting to sleep, but could not because of others wanting to watch a movie; That sucks!!!
    How thoughtless of me to complain to her about something so small when she is out in Afghanistan saving lives.  She is my hero.  She has sacrifice her time and her life to be there for her country and to only come back to finish school.  What a shitty deal!  I get the privilege to walk her dogs every single day and I get to wear what ever I want; say what ever I want; Compete in The Open and I go off to complain about the smallest things.  Staying mentally stable to complete her mission makes her a strong will person.  That I admire her for.  My sister is strong and will come back safe.  I know she will appreciate every single thing around her. 

    I pray all active soldiers come home safe.  I pray those wounded heroes comfort and peace along with all soldiers that have fought for us.  Check out the video above about combat medics; this is what my sister is doing over there...  May Peace be with each and everyone of you..  May you appreciate the little things and don't sweat the small stuff cause everything is small.

                       My sister is the third soldier and her partner is in front of her leaving for Afghanistan

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