Friday, October 26, 2012

It's been a while

A few things...
1) Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote something... Yep, I'm human and maybe not always consistently consistent.   Oopsie... ;)

    Yeah,  don't get me wrong I've attempted many many times to sit down and type out words to create a good blog and then I see a shiny object and tend to that situation.  I know writing a blog is a good thing for me, but I think I've mention this before....I am not a blogger... still working out the kinks.. Work with me here or at least be patient I will be consistent on this..

2)  My twin sister will be home.. I'm so ecstatic.  I'm thinking that word is an understatement... She will be in this states by Halloween.. Safe from danger over there.  But still in danger near the boarder.. Goodness can they just send them home to a safer place than the boarder of Mexico??!!!

She has been gone so far 11 months and in November it will be a full 12 months.  She has plenty of stories to tell.  But when she and Nicole (her partner) get back they will be moving into their new home.. I'm so happy for them.. They both deserve it..

3) Sadly, I got some tragic news from my family.. geez... Last month we lost a twin cousin and now just a few days ago another tragedy hit they same family. I'm not sure why my family has gone through so much turmoil..  This one seems take the cake.. So tragic it sounds like it would be in a horror movie.. I do pray for comfort and peace for them.. A few of us seem to persevere through it all and I hope it stays that way for rest of us.  I just pray there will be no more tragedies for our family and for anyone else.  My brother thinks our family is cursed.  Maybe so, but I'm not going to let that stop me from living..

So that is about it for me and what has been going on with my life.

Holidays are coming and I know you all need to keep up with your health, nutrition, and shape; so if you need extra help I'm here and I will have holiday rates for my Personal Training and Nutrition.

Contact me if you are interested.

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