Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Improvise; Just call me Gimpy

As most of you know I broke my foot and well I haven't been a happy camper walking around in a boot.  I was down on myself even though I asked for it.  Yes, this was something I knew I had but I was in major denial.  I'm usually honest with myself on situations; I am a logic thinker and try not to put my emotions into what could clog my logic thinking.  Lately, I've been quite the opposite. 

Now I'm in a boot for 6 weeks.. 6 weeks!!! WTH!!  How am I suppose to continue my day in day out routine; my workouts; my coaching; and doing domesticated things???  I got down about this entire situation.

I over-reacted; that isn't like me (I'm usually calm and think things through). As I have always preached to everyone on Facebook, to my member, and to my clients: make do with what you have and do your best.  Well I guess I was put to the test.  I've improvised and I'm pretty good at adapting well with changes made in my life.. I'm forced to be this way; it isn't a choice for me.  I've come to find new strengths I didn't think I had.  I've also realized I need to stop doing everything and let people help me.  It is second nature to do things on my own without asking for help, but when I'm left limited; I'm forced to need others.   I have to shut down my guard and become vulnerable. 

I've realized that I'm blessed that this is just a broken bone and nothing major.  I'm able to walk, to swim, to move, and to live.  I'm blessed to have legs.  I'm grateful for everything that is given to me and to realize what I take for granted.  I come to realize I need to learn to improvise and not wallow in my pity (I don't get anywhere with that).  I press on; move forward and work through my struggles, because at the end of  all of this it will be well worth it. 

I'm down to 4 weeks...or as Adrien would say 3 weeks and 4 days... She is keeping count..:)

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