Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trial and Error


 "Learning doesn't happen from failure itself but rather from analyzing the failure, making a change, and then trying again."

Where to begin? Oh I know! Feb 22 2012 was when I registered for The Open. I thought I was sacrificing enough time and energy to perform well in the Open. Boy was I wrong.  What did I learn from this experience?  I learned that I have a lot to learn; from technique, to sacrifice, to nutrition, and to believing in myself.  I thought I sacrificed a lot of my time, but I realized I really didn't have enough time to sacrifice.  I was working full time and going to school full time which is pretty much all my time.  I had too much going on in my life and I obviously did not plan this out right to manage "life".  I asked myself  "How can I squeeze in enough time to put more into my training, learning, and perfecting my technique?  I could not find the time?"  Even if I stayed 10 minutes later I would be neglecting the dogs I'm taking care of and I could not give that a thought.  I've learned I have placed a lot on my plate.  Yep, I slightly over-committed.  I had to really think about what was really important to me right now and for my future. I had to place one dream on hold for another dream to come true; I just can't handle doing both.  Now I know I need to sacrifice one dream in order to accomplish another dream of mine; which in turn (to me) is the ultimate sacrifice.  Time to start all over again.  This is the best way to learn from my trial and errors to get better; but never to give up.  See you next year "The Open".

Check out this inspiring video.  

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