Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A-TEAM On Consistency

I need to apologize for not posting my blog last Tuesday. My poor laptop caught a bug and is currently in the hospital getting work done. Please bare with me on my Blogs until I get my laptop back.  What an experience when not being consistent when other elements interfere with my daily structured life. 

Todays' blog is about the A-TEAMs' definition on Consistency.  I asked each of the A-TEAMs statement on consistency and here are the results:

Adrien: "Day in Day follow through"
  When CFRR was under construction Adrien had a goal to get CFRR set up and ready to run asap. Monday morning came and she proved that she could get things done.  She busted her ass getting the gym looking good and the two offices set-up ready to run for business.  She used every tool and help that was available and managed to accomplish her goal.

Landon: "Delivery on expectation time and time again"

   I can say on a consistent basis Landon has proven to everyone of his members and A-TEAM that he does deliver on expectation.  Landon has been Consistent with mentoring me.  He tells me what he is going to do and he follows through.  This in turn makes him reliable.

Aggie:  "Completing repetitious activities with the same effort each time."

   When we (A-TEAM) do our WODs I see Aggie consistently giving all of her efforts in being the best and doing her best every WOD we do together.  Even this morning she killed it in the 5:30am class.  Rather it be 5:30am (just rolling out of bed) or doing the coaches WOD in the afternoon; she gives it her all with same effort each time.

Mark: "To always deliver the same results"

   Mark has it down to the tee when it comes to delivering the same results when demonstrating a group on form.  When I shadow train with Mark on his Element classes he is consistent and thorough.  He make sure each and every new member get the same attention and demonstration as all his other members.

Woody: "Not straying from the path that will get you to your goal."

   Woody proved this to be true when going in the challenge at the ACO and performing very well in it.  This guy rocked it and came out strong. 

V: "is having a principle and belief and never changing that principle and belief"  I apply this to everything I do; rather it be working out, coaching, studying, and creating friendships. 

   To me I see the consistency in our A-TEAM- the accountability, the commitment, the will, the drive in all of us which makes us a family. The A-TEAM Family.

What makes this A-TEAM so special, because we are consistent with each other.  We hold each other accountable and we stay committed to staying consistent.  That is why we are the A-TEAM.

"A powerful and Clear intention automatically recruits commitment, accountability, desire, and will, creating a momentum that propels us towards what we intend with laser-like power and speed.: 
                                                                                                          Frankie Waldo Perez

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