Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tomorrow is the day to register for The Open Sectional to qualify for Regional for the CrossFit Games.  As I type this I am smiling ear to ear.  I'm savoring this moment.  I have worked hard and fought hard for this moment.  The outcome of my hard work and commitment is ever so sweet.  I have longed for a day like this.  I think back when I was a child unable to play any sports; not because I didn't want to, but I wasn't allowed to play.  When I lived with my older sister I wasn't healthy enough to play any kind of sports. I was underweight and I would pass out any time I would run.  I lived with my older sister to get healthy, but it wasn't enough for me to play any sports.  At age 15 I had a heart condition that would stay with me till my early 20s.  I was determined to get healthy.  I didn't let my unhealthy body and heart stop me from continuing to push through this issue.  I stay committed and I was bless with a chance to have a healthy life.  I had my heart surgery and the outcome was rewarding.  I went full force on health, fitness, and living my life.   I have the desire and the will to help others to be healthy.  I would accomplish one goal after another.  When I discovered CrossFit back in 06 I knew that I wanted to try it.  And when I got into CrossFit in 09 I knew I wanted to become a CrossFit Coach; after all I was a personal trainer of 7 years at the time and I looked for innovative ways to train my clients.  Then I discovered the CrossFit Games.  I knew then I needed to go to the games and win it.  I may not win it this year, but I'm one step closer to reaching my goal.  To think now how committed I was my entire life and still committed on improving my life amazes me.   Yes, there were times I wanted to give up or I got off track on my health, but I would bounce back knowing this was my destiny.  I still struggle to stay on track, but it is getting easier.  My eating habit has become second nature because I stayed committed on eating "the Paleo way".  No matter what; I stay committed to accomplish my goals. I will always have goals and I will always accomplish them.  Staying committed on my goals and when I accomplish them is absolutely rewarding to me.  Below are some affirmation that I say to myself to keep me going.  
"I am committed to living my life passionately and purposefully."  "I am committed to making positive changes in my life."
"I empower my life and others by being totally committed to improving it."



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