Friday, July 20, 2012

Exercising While In Spain

There is really no excuse to not exercise.  My twin sister and I decided to wake early in Madrid and run the town.  Of course we made tons of stops to take pictures, but then we decided to challenge ourselves.  We decided to run down the hill to run up the stopping..

As we were running from street to street we stopped to take a picture of the market in Madrid..

We started our run afterwards and ran into this..

So we ran down the stairs and then ran into this.

This beautiful church is massive.  So we took some pictures and then decided to continue on our run.

This is when Cyndi and I decided to run up the stairs as fast as we can and down the stairs to see who would be the first to finish. 

Once we reached the top this was our view..

We really appreciated this view because we worked so hard to get to the top. 
Once we got back to the hotel we did 3 rounds of 1 minute plank, 1 minute hollow rock, 50 knee to elbows and 30 seconds side planks each side.

So there is really no excuse to not workout.  Lots of good things come out of working out while traveling. 
 I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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